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Painting can be an object, but also be expressive force. real and illusory,Positive and negative, abstract and realistic,conscious and unconscious, similar and dissimilar, casual and serious: even these contradictory elements can be weaved together. I am interested in achieving a unity of opposites. I address the abstract imagination in a realistic way to encourage people to feel the possibilities of art.

Painting can fuse seemingly incompatible things together to create a new product. My paintings come from reality as well as from abstraction. In contrast to purely abstract or realistic works, I try to describe the relationship contained between the those. In the process of realistic form painting, I deeply felt the charm of the result caused by the unconscious. I reproduce abstract fluid textures with hyper-realistic brush strokes, abstract patterns and constructions are formed unconsciously, and the random flow of paint intermingles and pushes each other to formulate natural texture, presenting uncontrollable consequence. I consciously depict the abstraction into the painting, carrying the principle of realistic objects. I bring the principles of real object: structure, color and light, I consciously describe abstraction into surreal paintings. these two forms that surround my painting process. 

My work's inspiration comes from different views on art; Because of different aesthetic habits, some people think abstract art is more compelling than realistic, while others appreciate the technique of the realism and what the images convey. I hope to combine them to bring people with totally different views together to understand art. These are two completely different forms, and artwork usually dealing with heterogeneous audiences. I want my audience to be all people so that people with different backgrounds can appreciate the same work together, and each person can see their understandings in the same piece.

I explore connections between abstraction and realism. Taking the physicality of the material of paint - fat unblended brushstrokes employed as still life form - I construct meticulous realist renditions. The brushstrokes of abstract paintings fascinate me - due to the uniqueness of each stroke. I am also compelled by the illusion embedded in realism and I relish in the technique. My paintings use realism to explore the connection between abstraction and representation. I use a realistic eye to understand abstract form. The result is a new product of art with a nod to surrealism. The result is a new product of art. Its significance is that each person's understanding will be unique.

I researched the idea that human beings should look at the world in general from the macro perspective of the universe, in the process of understanding the work, people see life anew, see things around them anew, and search for new possibilities. My work reveals a powerful existence with the unity of opposites as its core composition, I present an aesthetic of conceptual opposition in abstract realistic form.

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